Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Asian pear

mmm. i just went to the asian food market and bought a box of asian pears. this variety is the large korean kind that can reach 2 lbs. they're expensive but soo delicious. they come packaged very carefully as they're very dear.

if you haven't had one of these, find your local asian market and try one! they're crispy, sweet, and bursting with juice. they're round like an apple but taste like a mix of melon, flowers, pear and apples. i paid about $2 for this one.

you can see from the picture that the sweet white flesh is grainy. it's gritty like some pears. this variety you have to cut the skin off but there are others you can simply bite into, skin and all. someone was telling me that this fruit is called a papple, but i think they're just trying to coin a new word as a cross between "pear" and "apple", sort of like "bennifer" or something and it's just as hokey. why not "appear" or "apear"? because it already has a name. i think it was called "shingo" but that just didn't appeal to english-speakers so they just call it an asian pear. hey! here it is. apparently this yummy fruit flushes carcinogens from your system after eating burnt/charcoaled meat (like the popular korean bbq) or smoking.

on another note, have you guys tried the grapple? another cheesy "bennifer" mash-up, i thought it was an apple crossed with grapes but nooo. it's actually a fuji apple soaked in grape juice. from concentrate! i kid you not!! yeah, it smelled good and they claim it was to get kids to eat more fruit but come on, $1.25 (4 for $4.99) for an apple soaked in grape juice?

Update: ok, so now i'm not sure if it's grape juice from concentrate 'cause the nutritional information says it also has artificial flavors?